About Miki


Miki Tucker is the creative director, owner, and stylist of Grassroots Vintage Events.

She has been a collector of vintage items since she was a child and a continuous hoarder of everything vintage, industrial, and farmhouse chic. Her favorite time out of her studio is traveling to find vintage items with a story and in refurbishing them to be re-loved. With the help of her husband and kids, she explores all over to outdoor markets, garage sales, auctions, and random "picking" spots bringing home the most impressive inventory to choose from.

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 The Small Details

Miki is passionate about good design, creative elements and unique ideas.  She is driven by her desire to create beautiful custom events for her clients. Her personal style is a little bohemian, a little mid-century modern and a little industrial chic. She is best at her organic designs with natural elements and simple lines.


Miki loves the process of styling and set up, always aware of the smallest of details. She is known for creating events that reflect both her clients vision with her own style.